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I am so excited to be offering TWO transformative 5 week courses live online in July and August. So excited to be able to offer this work in this way!!!

Starting on July 7th 7.30pm NZT, is the HEARTSONG VOICE EMPOWERMENT IMMERSION, and then on August 13th I will be one of five amazing teachers facilitating the powerful Empower and Connect: Embrace the Wisdom within – I will be offering the third week out of five.

Join for a weekly Online sharing of Heartsong Healing effective and enjoyable voice exercises, conscious sounding practices, singing, chanting, healing songs and meditation: an ONLINE WEEKLY HEARTSONG IMMERSON

A powerful and therapeutic time to either START YOUR SUNDAY or finish your SATURDAY (depending on which hemisphere you live in). Wherever you live, you are welcome to join, and this course will dramatically boost your mood, energy, mental health and general well-being.

This work is transformative for your well-being, your mood, your direction and focus in your life, your ability to manifest your dreams.

This course will support you in discovering, strengthening and learning to love your voice, and the healing and supportive power it can hold for you. It will increase your well-being, and impact your speaking voice and your general expressiveness as well as your singing voice. We will weave ritual and meditation into the opening of our voices and the deepening of the magic in our lives.

A recent client describes –

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Working with specific techniques in the sessions and then practicing during the week has made such a difference in my voice and confidence, I can’t believe it. Not only that, Bryony has introduced me to working with sound in an energetic way to clear and shift my energy, raise my energetic vibration and manifest my best life!

Jen Grange, Lakeland Wellbeing

There will be no need to sound or sing in front of anyone else, to improve the sound quality we so this with the computer mute and you just sound and sing along with my voice.

This course will begin at the new moon on SUNDAY July 7th and will run for 5 weeks at 7.30pm NZT. This powerful live online course will be followed with practice materials and resources to continue and develop your practice after the course.

Facilitated from New Zealand at 7.30pm on Sunday evenings, which is 8.30am Sunday morning for those in the UK. July 7th 2024 for five weeks. See your time for other time zones here.– replay and recordings all available

Investment is $444 NZD or £222 UKP –
for those in America or if you want to pay in USD, please pay $277 USD.

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