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About Bryony

You are here for this Light-Journey…….. It shall be so for All as the quickening occurs in each through your work

These words came to Bryony in 1999, as part of a huge outpouring of guidance, and the opening of a profound and awareness of the divine harmony between all of life.   This spiritual awakening took place while she was living in the Findhorn Spiritual Community in Northern Scotland, finding a new sense of life, love, and purpose. 

It was the opening out of an awareness of a pure Divine Presence and interconnection that has never left, even through challenging times. 

This awareness is central in the approach to life and work that Bryony offers. Through her facilitation of Voice work, Energy healing, and Creative Life transformation, she can support you in opening to it also.

Bryony is a skilled Healer, Sound Artist, Singer, Voice Teacher, Writer, Composer and Coach.  Originally from England, she now lives and works in Paraparaumu in the Wellington district of Aotearoa New Zealand, whilst also working online with national and international clients.

Bryony’s life’s work is to support people in connecting to the power, beauty, and strength of their true selves and their authentic voice, and to help them to take steps towards positive change in the expression of that. 

Bryony supports her clients in strengthening awareness of this presence and awareness in their lives – through voice work, energy and sound healing, self-discovery, energy upgrades, alignment, and powerful group events and experiences, with Heartsong Healing. 


Bryony offers well-established tools and resources that can support positive change, well-being, embodiment, and empowerment.

Bryony looks forward to finding out in which way you will enjoy and benefit from her work. To see how Bryony can support you in your journey and process –

Bryony as a Writer

Bryony has had her spiritual poems published in a number of magazines and collections over the past 25 years. Her work is currently available in an ebook collection, a hardback poetry inspiration journal, and a spiritual biography.

In 2023 she won third prize in a national poetry competition –

‘We are excited to announce the winners of this competition run by Wellington Writers Walk and the Wellington Branch of New Zealand Society of Authors for Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day 2023, in which Bryony Rogers (‘Evening Edge’) was awarded third place overall (Open category).’

Bryony said:
“I was drawn to the prompt line for the competition, and this poem just arose from that, based on an actual happening which had moved me. Like many of my poems, ‘Evening Edge’ explores a significant occurrence in nature, out of which a sense of the spiritual arises.”

Competition judge Janis Freegard said: “Bryony’s was a very physical poem about a dying sheep, against a backdrop of winter and birds. It’s a poem that raises deeper questions and has some good juxtapositions.”

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