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Bryony Shanti Rogers

You are here for this Light-Journey, in the company of your brothers and sisters and my words…… Your soul is in the water of my love, immersed totally….. It shall be so for all, in the time of my choosing and as the quickening occurs in each.

These words came to me in 1999, as part of a huge outpouring of healing guidance, and the opening of a profound and constant awareness of the divine harmony between all of life.   This spiritual awakening took place while I was living in the Findhorn Spiritual Community in Northern Scotland, and finding a new sense of life, love, and purpose. It was the opening out of an awareness of a pure Divine Presence and interconnection that had been with me for years and has never left. 

This awareness and understanding are central to the work I offer and share, and through my facilitation of Voice, Energy healing, and Creative life transformation, I can support you in opening to it. I am a Writer, Singer, Voice Teacher, Coach, and Healer as well as an occasional filmmaker.  Originally from Northern England, I now live and work in person in the Wellington district of Aotearoa New Zealand, and work internationally online.

My life’s work is to support people in finding awareness of the power, beauty, and strength of their true selves and their authentic voice, and to help them to take steps towards positive change in the expression of that. 

I support my clients in strengthening knowledge and awareness of this presence and awareness in their lives – through voice work, self-discovery, energy upgrades, alignment, and healing, and through Heartsong.  I offer well-established tools and resources that can support positive change, well-being, embodiment, and empowerment.

I look forward to finding out in which way you will enjoy and benefit from what I offer. To see how I can support you in your journey and process –

My book of the Divine guidance which started to come to me in 1999 is available from me for delivery in New Zealand or the UK, or from Amazon

Much of the guidance is very beautiful and affirms the great and unending Love that surrounds us. It evidences that we are held by the Divine Source in all its forms, and supported in Love by countless guides and spirit beings who walk alongside us.

All of life is worthy to be blessed with the knowledge of its divine inheritance. 
As we awaken to the stars in the morning sky as our brothers,
shining remembrance so will we recognise in one another, the divine host that we are…
Let joy be the watchword for all you do. Let the colours fly, let the joy be known. 
You must heal yourself and become all you are, singing against the sky. 
Let your Light lead the way only. 
Let the future be revealed in the Light you show the world. 
It is freedom, joy exceeding known limits. 
You are shedding your man-made armour, which is no longer appropriate for the age ahead.

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