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Song of Awakening & Heartsong Healing

Are you looking for growth, empowerment, well-being and self-expression, as well as increased peace and joy?

My skillful Voice Empowerment Coaching, Energy Healing, Creative Expression Support and Singing can help you.

I support you to discover a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself, with your voice, your creative self and with the Divine – so that you can reconnect with the Essence of Life and your Power

I offer work that encourages this, helping you to access your Heartsong,  
and to embody it in your life in the fullest way, as the song of your own awakening. 

Read what people say about my work

Corinne Allen

Bryony created a beautiful safe and sacred Energy Space …. her singing was so deeply touching and lifted me up in this new blessed golden light space, my worries and hurt feelings from past experiences left my body mind and soul and I drifted into a deep calm space full of Love and light…… Bryony’s workshops are a true blessing…… I highly recommend her workshops to everyone


“You’ve really helped me to grow in the spirit and move towards my true nature…….
The whole event was wonderful, I feel you’ve shifted some blocks & put me in touch with parts of myself I’d forgotten/may not even have known before. ….the whole package was awesome, with a great bunch of people :)“

Anna Burns

“Bryony, I absolutely loved it, thank you!! Singing in that way is something I used to do a lot but I realised I haven’t done for years…. it was like coming home for my soul.! Xx

Working with Voice: Individually and Groups

Working with Energy: Individually and Groups

To book a free 15 minute introductory conversation with me, please click the link below!

Meet Bryony

I heard: Your soul is in the water of my Love, immersed totally… It shall be so for all… as the quickening occurs in each.

These words came to me in 1999, as part of a massive outpouring of healing guidance, during a number of months when I experienced a profound and constant awareness of the divine harmony between all of life. This was the opening out of an awareness of a pure Divine Presence and interconnection, which has never left me, and which now informs my work as a Singer, Voice Coach, Writer, Healer, and occasional filmmaker. Originally from the Celtic lands of Albion, I now live and work in person in the Wellington district of NZ and internationally online.

Bryony Shanti Rogers


The Golden Road: My Journey with Spirit

My book of the Divine guidance that started to come to me in volume in 1999 is available directly from me or at Amazon


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