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Free Your Voice

Bryony expertly teaches the unique Free Your Voice for Wellbeing workshops throughout New Zealand and internationally, which can be tailor made for your individual or organizational requirements.

Free your Voice for Wellbeing is an enjoyable, easily accessible way to develop a closer relationship with your voice and discover the powerful healing potential of sound and vibration. This work, which will empower a new sense of relationship with your voice, is often facilitated within a ritual or ceremonial space to invoke and draw upon supportive cosmic and natural forces of the time and place. This strengthens the potential of the work to help us bring about the change and transformation that is held when we clarify our dreams and intentions. You will be guided and supported in all of this.

These sessions teach you to explore the powerful aligning process of chakra balancing using your voice and enjoy a wide range of beautiful chants and songs to build energy, community, and harmonic resonance. These are chants that are chosen for their positive effect on your well-being and support for a stronger and more embodied sense of voice. depending on location and season, they can include an outside meditation circle and deep nature connection Ritual.

Your facilitator, Bryony Rogers, guides you through voice exercises, songs, and chants which are chosen for their positive effect on your well-being and support for a stronger and more embodied sense of voice.

Bryony also teaches chakra sound practices for well-being, combined with exercises from chi gung that work together to bring an enjoyable, powerful experience of embodiment.

Exploring well-being through sound and song can significantly aid in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression by promoting a greater sense of connection to Self, Nature, and Inner freedom.

We would love to see you and share these healing and restorative practices with you, to create a space for a new, more embodied. enjoyable experience of Voice and life.

The next FIND YOUR VOICE FOR WELL-BEING workshop will be held in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

About your Tutor: Bryony Rogers has over 25 years experience of in deeply exploring sound and song and their connection to our overall well-being. She works as a Voice Empowerment Coach, Healer, and Writer / Songwriter, both one-on-one and with popular groups, and is a Usui Reiki Master. Bryony has undergone extensive research and training in sound healing, vibration, singing, and songwriting.

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