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The Golden Road

‘The Golden Road: My Journey with Spirit

my book of spiritual guidance and the description of my journey with receiving this guidance, as well as poetry and nature photography – was published in 2020 and is available directly from me in New Zealand or the United Kingdom, and can be bought from Amazon globally

‘You are yourself LOVE,
an embodiment of the
divine source of all that is.
And it is to be expressed.

This is the will of Spirit.
It is the plan, to be fulfilled’

Bryony’s book of the Divine guidance which started to come to her in 1999 is available from her for delivery in New Zealand or the UK, or directly from Amazon. Much of the guidance is very beautiful and affirms the great and unending Love that surrounds us. It evidences that we are held by the Divine Source in all its forms, and supported in Love by countless guides and spirit beings who walk alongside us.

All of life is worthy to be blessed with the knowledge of its divine inheritance. 
As we awaken to the stars in the morning sky as our brothers,
shining remembrance so will we recognise in one another, the divine host that we are…
Let joy be the watchword for all you do. Let the colours fly, let the joy be known. 
You must heal yourself and become all you are, singing against the sky. 
Let your Light lead the way only. 
Let the future be revealed in the Light you show the world. 
It is freedom, joy exceeding known limits. 
You are shedding your man-made armour, which is no longer appropriate for the age ahead.


Nicola Beardsworth, Lancashire UK

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I was feeling very low and anxious.
(on reading your book) I began to cry – your words brought me back home.

Thank you for taking the time to put this book together Bryony it is a blessing”

your book is my comforting go-to Bryony.

As I release some armour that blocks me from fully loving your words, insights and energy are such beautiful reminders that the Love is Here Now.’

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