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Published Poetry

Jane Mehta

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Thank you for your poems Bryony; they evoked awe,
wonder and aliveness in me’

I have been a writer all my life, and have had my poetry published in magazines and group collections, such as Take Five Poets (2002) and the Earth Pathways Diaries and Calendars (2017, 2018, 2020, 2022, 2023).

In 2020 I self-published The Golden Road: My Journey with Spirit, with poetry as well as guidance, and in 2022 I was chosen as the featured writer in the EARTH PATHWAYS MANDALA JOURNAL, which will be published and sold ongoingly – a beautifully illustrated hardback meditation and reflection journal.

This image shows my poem I AM CONNECTED WITH LOVE printed in the Mandala Journal with a beautiful mandala image by the artist Anne Thomas (see Her Shining Edge website for more details of her work). This beautiful publication aids your inspiration, upliftment and to reflection and can be ordered directly from


‘A whole flock of birds is flying
inside me. I am bending down
to a clear blue lake
and splashing water over myself.

This moment stopped in time.’

Wilderness Renewal is a poetry eBook that explores the healing and transformative nature of Spiritual experience in Nature. Some of the poems have won awards and the collection as a whole has received beautiful testimonials here for example –  

You can buy a copy of this poetry eBook for only $12 NZD or £6 UKP
(or the equivalent in your currency.) Further details here 

Your poems make the world a lighter place!

They bring hope, space and calm. … Your poems make the world a lighter place

Georgie Young

The world needs them now more than ever.

The freshness and vitality of your phrasing,  the vivid evocation of your worlds .... The world needs them now more than ever.

Julie Meyfroidt

Earth Pathways Publications

These photographs show some of my poems as they appear in various Earth Pathways Diary diaries and calendars. Click on an image to more easily read the poem. Please see for more details about their work or to buy this years diary, which also features my writing.

Full Moon History

Life loves itself, grows
out of nothing, into more
and more flowering

Like springs rise (sap in the
trees and the birds
dancing in the open skies),
like the birds’
wing opening,
from the beating heart.

Deep in the earth, a bulb
splits, sends forth its roots,
into the spring.

Our hearts break open
beyond what we thought
we were, and we fly

Bryony Rogers