HeartSong and Group Events

A HeartSong experience is a group in which your soul sound can be expressed and explored; sound that arises from deep silence, in toning, singing healing songs and chants, and through vocal improvisation.   It supports wellbeing and spiritual growth.

I have been working with meditation, sacred song and healing for over 26 years and have been running HeartSong gatherings since 2000.  I am often in profound awe of the powerful energetic space we can create together, and I have had so much feedback of people’s positive and transformative experiences. 

HeartSong creates a space of healing and transformation for people, taking the participants beyond their sense of themselves and their abilities, and putting them in touch with voice, a sound and a presence that is bigger and more powerful – rising out of a deeper sense of silence. 

HeartSong is linked in with the power of the New and Full Moons, reminding us of our connection to the Earth, to Spirit and to each other, and focusing energies for Earth Healing and Healing of participants.

Please explore our forthcoming events on this link here.

PLease note monthly Sound Healing and Yin Yoga events and Online new moon HeartSong workshops are also offered.

Day Workshops – to Order! 

I am available to run weekend, day or session workshops at your venue in UK (August to October inclusive 2022), NZ other dates or with your group online. Please get in touch if you feel drawn to any group sessions or to explore more deeply through Voice Empowerment Coaching, Song co-creation (Healing / Power Song / chant), or Reiki Spirit healing / guidance – all of which can be extremely effective online or as distance sessions – please get in touch at bryonytree@gmail.com

All you need to do is gather a group of 7 + interested people and have a venue (for in person sessions), and to contact me! 

These days can be wonderful and transformative experiences in which to explore Voicework, Sacred Song, Empowerment, Ritual and Energy work such as sounding for the Chakras.  These sessions are a powerful opportunity to work deeply with your energy body and voice in a safe, held group space. I have many years experience working with voice and healing, and have led successful Voice and deep chakra workshops before. I am a fully trained energy healer, Reiki master and Vocal Empowerment coach,

Do get in touch if you feel drawn to any of the group sessions or to explore more deeply in a one-to-one session of Voice Empowerment Coaching, Song co-creation (Healing / Power Song / chant), or Reiki Spirit healing / guidance – all of which can be extremely effective online or as distance sessions please get in touch at bryonytree@gmail.com

Please contact me for a no-obligation conversation.

Feedback from participants:

Corrinne: Bryony created a beautiful safe and sacred Energy Space where we all felt loved and cared for, her singing was so deeply touching and the drums and musical instruments lifted me up in this new blessed golden light space, my worries and hurt feelings from past experiences in my life, left my body mind and soul and I drifted into a deep calm space full of Love and light. I truly enjoyed this event.  I walked away with new knowledge and feeling deeply accepted and loved. Bryony’s workshops are a true blessing…… I highly recommend her workshops to everyone who loves to have a break from our busy life and likes to go inwards so they can connect to the light and guidance from above.’ Corrinne, 2021

Laura: ‘In these times of great change we do need to find anchors, sources of stability and hope.  Your group is one of those places…..’

Sam, ‘Thank you Bryony and Heartsong for a truly uplifting experience! I felt really at home in the beautiful and serene space and enjoyed meeting new and exciting like-minded people! I really loved singing all together as a group and the sounds we created were magical! Bryony showed us how to vocalise our chakras, and really let go and improvise, which was great fun! I’d love to come again and learn more mantras and be with other people who love to sing too.’

Jools:You put so much of yourself into these events….. The Heartsong (whole event) was wonderful, I feel you’ve shifted some blocks & put me in touch with parts of myself I’d forgotten/may not even have known before. It was valuable to look back over 2019 and identify the positives, and to set my intention/invocation for 2020. The humming, chanting, singing, soundbath – everything individually was great, and the whole package was awesome, with a great bunch of people 🙂

Frith: ‘Bryony held the space in the energy of generosity and warmth. I felt safe to release my voice from old fear and shame and have fun, even laugh. I was able to experience and share the beauty of my voice raised alongside others in simple and joyful harmony. The group went to a safe heart space together and I can’t wait for the next one – truly divine’.
Mary: ‘These workshops give me a chance to be free with my voice in a close, supportive setting, where people are not competing with each other, but rather contributing to a uniquely collective gathering, and in which participants are free to explore voice work, chant together & share food – what’s not to like?!  Bryony is a kind and welcoming host & facilitator’

Some of the songs we sing are:
We Are Opening Up in Sweet Surrender (Findhorn): We are Opening up,
We Move from Darkness to Light (Bryony): We Move,
Veni Sancte Spiritus (trad. latin prayer, arr. Bryony): Veni Sancte,
I Open Myself to the Medicine (Bryony): I open Myself
and songs like Belle Mama, a celebration of the Earth from Africa: Belle Mama

An example of the vocal improvisation soundings we do in Heartsong is Improvisation


My HeartSong

I sing from the bottom of my heart
My life opens.

I sing from my life
My heart opens.

My song is my life, deep within my soul it rises
From the core of my being.

It encompasses