Songs and Poems

Since 1997, many songs have come to me; prayers, chants and ballards.   I share these songs in the HeartSong sessions I run, and have recorded a number of others.  Some only lived in me for a time, and then returned to the ocean of music they came from.  I have many more loosely recorded and wish to bring them to the world later this year.

Here are the lyrics of some of my songs, and recordings of


I LOVE YOU, 2007 








I have also written poems, all my life, and have had a number published in magazines, group collections, and recently in the Earth Pathways Diary (2017, 2018, 2020, 2022) (see below).  Earlier this year I published a Poetry Collection eBook of poems exploring nature connection from a Spiritual perspective. ‘Wilderness Renewal’, is available from me – please contact me if you would like to buy a copy at £6 GBP / $12 NZD). Further details here  All this work is Copyright to me, please do not copy or use any of it without my permission.

Song lyrics

Many Hearts

There have been many Hearts to love
But only One Love
There have been many hearts to love
But only One Love.

And the fire of this Love
Is the fire of the sun

And the fire of this Love
Is the fire of the One

And the fire of this Love
Is the Light which leads me Home
Leads me Home.

Fire of Rebirth

This is a time when the world can change and all
can be renewed.  The fire we burn
can be be the fire of rebirth
this is up to me and you.

Watch and see, see and feel,
as the your own heart blossums
– let your own heart blossum –
and the world  will follow suit –

we can no longer forget – how
each of us begins  –

with this breath here in this
moment – with the body that we have –
with the truth that rises endless
in the song we know as spring –

and how this song is singing endlessly
in everything that is – and that the song
we’re living endlessly
is that everything is One.

Watch and see, see and feel,
as the your own heart blossums
– let your own heart blossum –
and the world will follow suit.


My most recently published poems are in the 2020 Earth Pathways Diary.  There are also two published in the coming 2022 Earth Pathways  diary and calendar.  This diary, which is now in it’s Fourteenth year of it’s printing, is a very beautiful collection of poems, paintings, prose and photographs from UK based artists.  (Please see  I have also had poems published in the 2018 and 2017 Diaries and Calendars; these are two examples from 2018.

My Opening Wings poem 2018 diary

Opening wings

I can see further
than I thought I could,
can feel and hear
more deeply.

The earth turns
and the stars wheel,
here in the present,
this night.

I can see the edge of the land
and then the open sea. I can hear
the stars breathing.
A thousand white birds land.

Their single beating heart
thuds in my chest. I feel their love
as my own,
in the endless sound
of their wings opening.

All is become.
All is blessed.

Thank you, I whisper


My Sea poem 2018 diary

The Yes, Yes, Yes of the Waves

I stand by the sea, and my edges soften and open
with the yes, yes, yes of the waves.
Salt tangs my lips, my tongue, and I sing to the water,
to the sky, to the birds.

I sing greeting, memory, love. I am making a prayer
at a place where yesterday never was.
I am making a dance, with the salt spray
and the cold fresh wind.

I am turning, to face myself and see a truth within me,
reflected in the arc of the gull,
screeching, above me.

What is beneath the brown aching surface of the sea?
Leagues of mystery, creatures
unimagined, worlds. Far out,

the surface breaks.


These photographs are of the two poems as they appear in the 2018 diary, along with the wonderful artwork of Izumi Omori ( and Sarah Vivian (   Please click on the image for full screen and then go back a page to return to this page afterwards.  Thank you.

I have had a lot of positive response to these poems, for example
Thank you for your poems Bryony; they evoked awe, wonder and aliveness in me’
Jane Mehta, London.

I also have the following poem, Full Moon History, published in the 2017 Earth Pathways Diary:

Full Moon History

Life loves itself, grows
out of nothing, into more
and more flowering

Like springs rise (sap in the
trees and the birds
dancing in the open skies),
like the birds’
wing opening,
from the beating heart.

Deep in the earth, a bulb
splits, sends forth its roots,
into the spring.

Our hearts break open
beyond what we thought
we were, and we fly