‘Thank you so much for yoursupport, and guidance, I appreciate that very much  I feel singing can become more “normal” to me now, with less resistance and shame attached to it. And more enjoyment too!!’  Sarah, Wellington, NZ

My Voice Empowerment Coaching draws on my experience and training in Naked Voice and Spirit Singing techniques and my many years of Spiritual, Energetic and Voice Research and Practice.  My skill opens and strengthens your relationship to your authentic voice, and its huge transformative power in your life.  I help you find your Heartsong. 

This work impacts on both the speaking and singing voice, and builds confidence in all areas of life.  It is empowering and transformative. I offer one-to-one Coaching sessions in person in Otaki Gorge, Wellington or I can come to your home in the Wellington District NZ.  I also offer Coaching sessions online, to anyone globally.

I also incorporate these practices into my Heartsong evening sessions, Group trainings and Day workshops and Retreats. 

  • I ask for an investment of £50–£50 UKP ($150-$90 NZD) (or equivalent in your currency) for a session of Coaching.  A session takes an hour, and we can discuss your needs on the phone or by text, Messenger or email beforehand.  I have questions that I encourage you to journal on and answer beforehand.   A 20 minute taster session is available for £35-£20 UKP ($70-$40 NZD)
  • Please contact me on bryonytree@gmail.com with any questions or to book a session.   You can book online sessions or calls with me directly into my calendar at https://www.calendly.com/BryonyHeartsong

After discovering my Singing Voice and the healing power it contains, I studied and trained in The Naked Voice techniques with Chloe Goodchild.  I completed one of Chloe’s 5 day training retreats in 2010, and I use these technique to both strengthen my own Voice and to coach and support others. These techniques open the relationship to the authentic voice, and its expressive and creative power and  I also incorporate these practices into my Heartsong evening sessions, Day workshops and one-to-one Voice Coaching. I have also trained in Spirit Singing practice.


I have also studied Shamanic techniques, and worked extensively with the Guides and Spirit Beings who walk alongside me, and with trainers such as Caitlin Matthews, Director of the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies.

Further Testimonials

Further recommendations for One-to-one Heartsong Coaching:

‘Thank you.  You really helped me to grow in the spirit and move towards my true nature’ Jools, UK

‘Thank you Bryony for the gentle guidance in helping me open up my voice and my heart! In just two weeks, beautiful, miraculous things have happened which I link directly to our lessons and the energy unblocked during our sessions!! Connecting the sounds with my energy chakra points, was a beautiful practice!

I am so grateful for your intuitive guidance and encouragement! I will recommend everyone to give Heartsong a go, to bring themselves back into harmony with their higher self and build courage in their voice and how it resonates in their body so they can show up more confidently in the world! So much stuck energy was released!

When we started working together my voice was shaky, I did not have enough air to breathe properly, my chest felt constricted and even from the first exercises, I could feel my chest expanding and my voice flowing more freely.

Regarding the emotional release, this was so epic and unexpected! Thank you for how kindly you held space for me! After our lessons, I sang to my son for the first time since he was a baby (he is 9 now) and HE LOVED IT – there must have been something in my voice as previously he asked me to not sing at all!! This time, he asked me to sing the song you taught me again until he fell asleep… it was a special moment,

I am so grateful and thankful for your presence and teachings!‘ Silvia. Manchester