As I honour my relationship to the sustaining earth – to the moon, the stars, the wind and the rain, the stones of ancient sacred sites, the flow of the river, the waving branches of the tree, the deer, standing guard in the morning light in the wood – as I notice and honour how this affects my open heart, I am reclaiming my relationship with a Living Mother force; a Vital Goddess. I embrace the relationship I have with this energy, which goes back to my teen years. Through my life the Goddess has embraced me with images, feelings, and in the communion of all living things.

She is a point of origin, the space beyond time and form from whom all things are born, and to which we all return.

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  1. Izumi Omori says:

    Hi. My name is Izumi Omori. I received 2018 Earth Pathways Diary today & l read your poem with my painting “Inner Peace”. I need contact with you because you’re poem like explain my painting I felt amazing. Thank you so much.
    With love & gratitude from Izumi Omori x

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